Goal Progress and Random Things

Happy Friday!

I love the weekends. My weekend begins Thursday night because my husband has off on Fridays. This is a great thing. I love that he is able to help me with the kids on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

Huge Woodbridge Bottle of Wine

I thought I would share a few fun random things about my kids and me.

1. My kids are afraid of grass. Is this normal? Or is this because I have a desert landscaped yard? I take them to the park a couple times a week to get use to the grass. They are getting better, but my son will not touch the grass. Weird.

2. I love everything about organization and time management, but I am not the most organized and time managed person. This is something I’m continually working on.

3. I love fashion. You probably wouldn’t think that if you saw how I dress. I wear yoga type pants or running shorts and a t-shirt everyday. Even when I leave the house, I don’t wear the types of clothes or accessories I like to read about in fashion magazines and blogs.

4. I love wine. My husband and I found this huge Woodbridge Chardonnay at Costco last week. It took us a couple of days to drink the wine. It was delicious. I placed the Cabernet Sauvignon next to the Woodbridge to show you the difference in size. Huge, huh.


My water habit is going great. It didn’t start out too great, but for the most part I have been able to stick with the 10 cups. I like to chug my water instead of sipping, so chugging 2 cups when I wake up doesn’t work for me. I decided to wait at least an hour after waking up before I have my first 2 cups of water.

My workout habit is to stick to my weekly plan. This is probably going to be the hardest habit for me because my days sometimes get a little crazy. I usually plan 5 workouts a week, but often times only accomplish 4 of them. I thought about changing my weekly workouts to 4 days a week and adding an extra workout for one of the days. Maybe I will try it this week and see how it works out. My action trigger for sticking to my planned workouts is to put on my workout clothes as soon as I get up in the mornings. I’m also going to workout before my kids wake up. I will write my nutrition and workout habit on post it notes and my to do list.

My progress is going well. I lost 1 pound this week. I haven’t mentioned my nutrition plan yet. For the most part, I’m following the 7 tips for balancing your meals I posted a few weeks ago. I did eat some cake scraps from my candy bar cake and I ate half a bag of marshmallows over the past week. I’m addicted to them right now. I don’t touch the mini marshmallows I have to make fondant only the big holiday ones. Next week, I will probably tighten up my diet and eat a more 90/10 balance. I will post more about my diet next week.

Red heartRed heartRed heart

Accomplish any goals this week or month?


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