Eat Every 3-4 Hours

Yesterday was a busy day. It all began when my children decided to have a meltdown at breakfast. Before I get to the meltdown, I need to tell you a small backstory.

Last week, I let my children feed themselves yogurt. This was the first time they fed themselves with a spoon. I did this to see if they are ready to feed themselves or if they need another month or two. My son did really well. He was able to hold the spoon correctly and get yogurt in his mouth. My daughter didn’t do as well. Every time I attempted to show her how to hold the spoon she would get mad. She eventually figured it out. My husband and I decided we would let them feed themselves dinner so we could bathe them afterwards. My children decided against that idea.

Yesterday morning when I tried to feed them their cereal, the freaked out. They wanted to feed themselves. Giving in was the only way I could get them to eat and stop yelling at me. Now they won’t let me feed them. I think they are ready whether I am or not.


Today’s post is about eating every 3-4 hours. This follows the post I did a couple weeks ago, 7 Tips for Balancing Your Meals.

This tip isn’t set in stone. I wasn’t able to find hard evidence supporting this tip, but from the experience I’ve had and seen it does help.

The main reason why I recommend eating every 3-4 hours is for appetite control. It helps keep you from becoming too hungry. I’m not recommending you eat large meals every 4 hours. Some people eat several small meals throughout the day, and others prefer 3 meals with a snack or two. Personally, I eat 4 small meals a day and a larger meal for dinner. This works for me. It helps me from becoming too hungry throughout the day and eating the first thing I grab. Try not to go past 5 hours without eating.

Also be mindful of your portions sizes. A good rule for portion control is to limit your protein to the thickness and size of your palm, carbohydrates should be the size of your fist, fat should be about the size of your thumb and non-starchy vegetables are unlimited.

Listen to your body and figure out what works for you. If you are not sure what works, try experimenting for a week or two. Pay attention to when you are hungry and your portion sizes.

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How often do you eat?

If you have kids, what age did they learn to feed themselves?


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