Bad Runs

I had so much hope and excitement for my run today. My kids were napping and my husband made it home in time for me to go on a run. Yay!

My Garmin was ready and I tried turning on my mp3 player. It was dead. This should have been the red flag warning me I’m about to have an awful run. No big deal, right. I never run without music, but I once read it could be a good thing. Get me in touch with my breathing and whatever. I put the mp3 player on a shelf and accidently knocked over a family photo, breaking the frame. Ugh. Red flag number 2.

Of course, not a big deal. I would clean it up after my awesome run. First half mile was a little tough, but I figured it was due to not having any music. Wind picked up, but it would get better once I changed directions. Are you starting to notice a pattern? I’m seriously trying to tell myself this run will get better. Guess what? It doesn’t.

I started my run a little faster than normal. You would think I would know better considering I’ve been running for over half my life. Half way through my run, I had to stop. I stopped twice. Once to blow my nose, something I would normally do before a run. And the second to catch my breath because I had a side stitch. Seriously, can this run get worse. Oh, it does. A guy passes me as I’m hunched over gasping. Awesome.

I start running again, almost catching up with this random stranger before he makes a turn. The opposite direction I’m going. Dang. I really wanted to pass him. You know, to show him I’m awesome and I’m having an awesome run.

Finally, I start getting into this crappy run when it hits me I’m hot. I’m not used to running in the heat, yet. It has just started to get warm where I live. I also wore new running capris. I only ever wear running skirts. Ugh. What was I thinking?

Eventually, I made it home. Even though, my run absolutely sucked. I’m glad I went because a sucky run is better than not running.

Now that I have ended my rambling, how do you get over a bad run? Do you dwell on it or just get over it?

I think I’m over it. If the bad run was caused by pain of some sort then I probably would overanalyze the situation.

My next run will be awesome.

Here are the results of my awful run.


This is a 10:27 min/mile. My normal easy slow run is a 9:30 min/mile.

Red heartRed heartRed heart

Any bad runs lately?


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