Why I Run

I love running.

I never run for a purpose other than to run. I do not run races or set huge running goals. I do not run to lose weight. The only goals I set for a run is to run a certain length and try to beat my previous time.

Many people do not understand this. They think it is a waste of time unless I am training for a race or trying to lose weight. I think it is a great way to spend an hour.

I do not use a jogging stroller. I fear my kids would drive me crazy and my run would have to be shortened. When I’m out there, it is my time.Running Shoes

So why do I run? I run because I enjoy it. I enjoy pushing my body past its comfortable limits. I enjoy the solitude. I am able to think clearly and creatively during my runs. I feel stronger and healthy. I run to be me and only me, not mommy or wife or daughter or sister or friend. I run because I’m good at it. I’m not fast or run many miles and the great thing is I do not feel the need to do either one.

I guess I have found my purpose for running.

Why do you run?


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