Unprocessed vs. Processed

Happy Monday.

I had an awesome run this past weekend. It was absolutely beautiful and warm outside. I love running when the weather is perfect.

I increased my distance by half a mile. I’m now running 7 miles, 3 days a week. I’ve been considering breaking my runs into a long run, a moderate run and a short speed run. I try not to think too much about running, but it might help improve my time and distance.


For the next few weeks, I thought I would go into detail each of the tips, 7 tips for balancing your meals, I listed last week. The first tip is to focus on eating more unprocessed foods.

What is an unprocessed food?

An unprocessed food is any food that has not been altered from their natural state. Fresh produce and meat are considered unprocessed.

What is a processed food?

A processed food is any food that has been altered from their natural (plant or animal) state for preserving, fortifying and/or convenience. Please keep in mind that a processed food does not mean an unhealthy food, although most are unhealthy. Frozen fruits and vegetables are considered a minimally processed food. Chips, cereal bars and creamed corn are also processed foods.


Items with * are minimally processed, but best overall choice.

Unprocessed Minimally Processed Processed
Apple Applesauce Apple Juice
Peach Frozen Peach Canned Peach in Syrup
Steel Cut Oatmeal* Rolled Oatmeal Instant Oatmeal
Corn on the Cob Frozen Corn Canned Creamed Corn
Spinach Bagged Spinach Frozen Buttered Spinach
Pastured Eggs Eggs Fortified with Omega 3 Egg Beaters
Grass Fed Beef Grain Fed Beef Roast Beef Deli Meat
Whole Chicken Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast Chicken Nuggets
Cream Fat Free Half and Half Coffee Creamer
Whole Plain Yogurt* Fat Free Flavored Yogurt Yogurt Smoothie Drinks

This is a small list, but I hope you get the idea. Choose mostly unprocessed foods and the rest minimally processed foods.

Red heartRed heartRed heart

Do you have a hard time eating mostly unprocessed foods?


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