My Thoughts on Baking and Decorating Cakes

I recently discovered a passion for making and decorating cakes. I have been making cakes for six months now and I’m hooked. I do not bake with fat free ingredients or sugar substitutes. It is not my thing. I have tried recipes in the past that cut out oil for applesauce and sugar for Splenda and it just wasn’t the same. If I’m going to eat cake, I want it to be the real deal. And since I’m clearing the air about my full fat and full sugar cakes, I might as well confess that I use buttercream icing and my fondant is made of marshmallows and powder sugar. I believe you can have a balanced healthy diet and eat cake too.

And since I am being completely honest, I do not eat slices of the cakes I make. I actually give my cakes away. My husband takes them to work to be shared by his coworkers. We keep birthdays and special occasion cakes.

I still eat some of the cakes even though I give them away. I level every cake before filling, stacking and crumb coating with buttercream icing. I keep the cake scraps from leveling and about 2 tablespoons of buttercream icing and eat most of it over the following few days. If I didn’t give my cakes away, I would literally eat it all. I am not joking. If there is cake, or any other sweets, in the house I lose all self-control.

My mother-in-law sends my favorite chocolate covered pretzels (Gardners) for my birthday and Christmas and has to send my husband a box because I do not share. The sad thing is I usually end up eating most of his box.

White Ruffle bb

This is the first cake I made using fondant. I was breastfeeding at the time, so it took me a couple days to finish the ruffles. By the time we were able to eat the cake it was a little stale. I was focused on making it look perfect that I missed out on it actually tasting great. Lesson learned. I would rather have a great tasting cake with decorating flaws than a perfectly decorated cake that tasted bad.

Are there any foods you keep out of your house for fear of eating the entire container in one sitting?


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